50 videos to improve your experience in Windows 7!

You are a Windows 7 user and want to go further with your computer.

"Windows 7 One Minute a Day - Pack 1" is really made for you. It will show you how to use Windows 7's unknown features and enhance Windows 7 possibilities using free tools.
The eBook and videos are on the same topics


  • Shortcuts to icons pinned to the Taskbar
  • A hibernation shortcut
  • Add you favorite programs to the Desktop context menu
  • Create a shortcut to restart Windows


  • Find the Run command from the Windows menu
  • Display volume control in the notification area
  • Access Desktop Icons from the Taskbar
  • Show multiple clocks with a simple click
  • View Recent Documents in the Start menu


  • Windows Version and License
  • Memory Diagnostic
  • Godmode
  • Ban automatic restart after system updates
  • Health of your laptop battery
  • Enable or disable Aero
  • Disable Aero Shake
  • Enable / disable Aero Snap
  • Disable Aero Shake using a Group Policy
  • Enable / disable ClearType


  • Resizing photos
  • How long the computer is turned on?
  • Check CPU temperature
  • Multiple desktops in Windows 7
  • Enable write caching on your hard disk
  • Create a System repair disc


  • Create a theme for Windows 7
  • Delete a theme
  • Disable screensaver while playing a video
  • Add Library icon on the desktop
  • Additional themes for Windows 7
  • Prevent changing desktop background


  • Do not enter a password at startup
  • Choose the numeric keypad state when Windows starts
  • Launch an application when Windows starts
  • Reopen folders at startup
  • Restore previous folder windows at logon
  • Associate file types and programs


  • An InPrivate icon on your desktop
  • Security zones in Internet Explorer
  • Windows Live Hotmail


  • Testing your antivirus software
  • System files integrity check
  • Create a restore point
  • Restore system files and settings to an earlier date


  • Joining a HomeGroup
  • Resize Partitions
  • Create a backup with the MS-DOS XCOPY command
  • Automating backup
  • Add a "Copy to Folder" shortcut in the context menu
  • Add a "Move to Folder" shortcut in the context menu
  • Show hidden files and folders

Are you asking yourself if you will be able to use this tips and tricks pack?

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Don't worry: I bet you will easily reproduce whatever is explained in this pack. If a topic is difficult to understand, watch the video twice and help yourself with the eBook. I'm sure you will come out with flying colors! Each and every topic is extensively illustrated with text, pictures and videos. Just follow the steps outlined and discover tips and tricks that reveal how powerful your computer is.

Text and pictures are useful to present a technique. However,to make things even easier, we have included videos in this package to show you exactly what you need to do.

Fifty videos are included in this pack. Watching them, you will know precisely how to act. Make your way at your own pace. If needed, watch and watch again some topics until they are learned and understood.

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